Safety Sheets

We have made all necessary documentation and safety information relating to trailers available for download. Be sure that every customer leaving your dealership after purchasing a Com-Fab trailer has a hard copy of both the DL coupler and the trailer safety sheet for their trailer type.

Coupler Safety Sheet

PWC Safety Sheet

Pontoon Safety Sheet

Jon Boat Safety Sheet

Owners Manuals

Tie Down Spring Axle Owners Manual

Tie Down 660E Brake Owners Manual 

Tie Down Disc Brake Owners Manual

Tie Down Super Lube Hub Owners Manual

RAM Coupler Instruction Sheet


Canoe and Kayak Kit Setup Instructions

Coupler Lever Latch Repair Instructions

Jack Stand Installation Instructions

Tex Trail Warranty Card

Hub Type/Lug Nut Pattern 

Torque Specs for Wheels and Hubs