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Axle Spindle


Brand Com-Fab

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Axle Spindle

It is a Super Lube Axle Spindle for 1.5″ x 1.5″ 11 gauge steel tubing; for use with bearing of a diameter 1-1/16″. They are used as replacement Axle Spindles on all of our Axles less than 2500 lbs.

12 Position Castle Nut

5/32" x 2" Zinc Plated Cotter Pin


PWT-800B PWT-800G PWT-1000B PWT-1000G PWT-1100B PWT-1100G PWT-2212B PWT-2212G JBT-900 JBT-1400 JBT-1600 JBT-1600 ‘RIVER HAWK’

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